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About Us

Who we are

GSP Chem is the pioneer in manufacturing Biological Stains and pH Indicators for more than 40 years. Starting from a small lab scale manufacturing unit in 1981 to an expansive large scale manufacturing infrastructure having the most diverse portfolio covering more than 100 products in the arena of Specialty Colors.


Located in the outskirts of Mumbai, the company is set up in the dedicated industrial belt of Tarapur. Our manufacturing activity is carried out at Esjay Chemicals and Solar Colourants India Pvt Ltd. Both the manufacturing facilities are owned by us and comprises of various reactors and equipment to handle a large variety of reactions. The products are manufactured on campaign basis wherein the production process and subject sections are thoroughly inspected before each batch to avoid contamination. From the beginning, we have employed processes and systems that at par with our global quality standards.

Quality Management

At every step of manufacturing, strict quality control tests and measures are employed, which are not only followed in the making of the products but also ensured till the product is packed and ready to dispatch from our facility. Samples of each batch are retained and closely monitored till the expiry date in order to ensure quality standards. Quality control at GSP Chem has been adopted from procedures and specifications which are in accordance with that of ACS, Sigma-Aldrich and Merck. At GSPChem, the products under synthesis are inspected from the intermediate stages of reaction till final packaging to eliminate any room for compromise in quality. It is with this dedication and strong compliance to Quality Control, that GSP Chem is catering to global quality standards.

Research and Innovation

Our appetite for continuous innovation has only kept growing not just with development of new products, but also developing innovative applications of our products. GSP Chem is the first ever company to take a technological leap by stepping up from the traditional lab reagent manufacturer to a consumer application solution provider. GSP Chem was the first to introduce the use of pH Indicators in floor cleaning solutions. Since then, the untapped potential of pH Indicators has been channelized in various FMCG sectors like Healthcare and Sanitation products, Eco-friendly Inks, Packaging Industry, etc.

what we believe

Our Mission & Vision


At GSP Chem, our mission is to be a global leader in providing multifaceted solutions that drive progress in development of various healthcare products. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of companies working on innovation-rich ideas. Through continuous innovation and collaboration, we strive to contribute to a healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable world. Our commitment to excellence guides us as we work towards creating value and making a positive impact on the communities we serve.


Our vision is to be recognized globally as a leader in providing next-gen solutions in innovation using color change chemistry in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner, setting new standards for innovation and positively impacting the communities and ecosystems in which we operate. Guided by a commitment to excellence and cutting-edge research, we aim to be at the forefront of developing products that not only meet the current needs of industries and consumers but also contribute significantly to a greener and more sustainable future.

Hear From Those Who've Witnessed the GSP Chem Impact Firsthand

Client Testimonials

A Journey Towards Excellence

Why Work With Us

Cost Efficiency
Enjoy cost-effective solutions with direct savings and competitive pricing, alongside customizable bulk orders tailored to your specific needs.
Streamlined Communication
Benefit from direct interaction with the manufacturer for clear, precise orders and enjoy quicker responses and efficient query resolution.
Quality Assurance

Rely on our stringent quality control for consistent, superior products, with prompt resolutions to any concerns and a commitment to continuous innovation.

Supply Chain Transparency

Access real-time updates on production, inventory, and delivery, and directly connect with the source to preemptively address any disruptions.


Frequently Asked Questions

We ship free-of-cost samples (freight free) for all our products. In fact, we recommend to approve a pre-shipment sample before purchase of product.
The globally accepted specifications of Merck, Sigma-Aldrich and ACS are the benchmark for all our products. And we surpass the benchmark for all our products.
We provide all the technical assistance in testing the product by providing detailed Method-of-Analysis, standard spec copy, any benchmark data if available. We also, assist with live testing of the product. We do not believe in room for ambiguity, hence, all assistance is provided till customer is satisfied with the end result.
With a team of profound expertise, we have hands-on experience of closely working with Unilever, Milliken, DKSH, Biosynth, Sigma Aldrich (now Merck) and many more industry leaders to jointly develop some exceptional and one of the most innovative Healthcare products.
Almost all of the products are available in stock in bulk quantities. In a rare case, we take a couple of weeks for preparation.
We strive to provide the purest form of the compound. However, we welcome our customer’s in-house specs and try our best to suffice their in-house spec compliance.
Yes, we gladly welcome the procurement and R&D team to visit our manufacturing facility for audit and even to run trials for product development and application. What are the various streams of products manufactured by you?
We started with a couple of pH Indicators and Biological Stains, but over the last 40 years, we have expanded to Life Science products, pH Indicators, Complexometric Indicators, and even Specialty Colors which have a specialised performance driven application.
We have a dedicated 1600 sqft research and development division for development of different molecules belonging to color changing chemistry which help in development of innovative end-use applications in different products.
We are extremely sensitive towards the environment and polluted water generated from processes is self treated using MVR distillation process at our facility ensuring zero discharge.
We generally submit quotes of freight. On approval, we dispatch goods and keep consignee updated with shipment status at every step. Alternatively, we also ship on customer’s courier account.
We usually submit a Pre-shipment Sample to customer for quality approval. Although, most customer prefer a simple COA approval, but we insist on sample approval to avoid all post-commercial shipment hiccups.
Though, its a rare case (Since all products are mostly ready in stock), we usually intimate buyer of the lead time for preparation of the product. Buyer is updated with the status from time to time. Once product is ready, a PSS is sent for quality approval. On approval, we dispatch the product.
For every inquiry of the product received, we send the pre-shipment sample representing the lot for quality approval. Only after approval, the commercial shipments are dispatched. Any issues in the quality of the product are resolved at the sampling stage. For the test of the sample, all assistance is provided from our end, with sufficient data and documentation. This has helped us fireproof the quality-related issues and have faced negligible rejections so far.

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